Become like Jesus

For churches, small groups, and anyone else who is intentionally doing life with others while encouraging their spiritual growth.

Our mission
Help and encourage you in your pursuit to make disciples.

We believe in the power of discipleship and the honoring of Jesus’ instructions to His followers. To do discipleship well, we model both how to be a disciple and how to make disciples by focusing on personal spiritual growth and engagement.

Tassel values

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We seek every effort to be united - we operate in humility, gentleness and
 love for one another. And in one mind,
 the mind of Jesus.
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The gospel changes lives. This truth inspires us to be disciplined in our relentless pursuit to help people share the gospel and become like Jesus.
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Jesus is committed to the Church. 
Which means we’re committed to the mission of the Church- making Him known everywhere.

Our Approach

How we can help you make disciples.

Our solutions make it possible to cultivate meaningful connections, nurture spiritual development, and enhance leadership. We provide insights to help track your disciples' growth and progress in becoming more like Jesus.

Onboard New Followers

Ramp up new followers of Jesus by matching them to onboarding buddies. Introducing them to other disciples to get connected.

Cultivate Spiritual Disciplines

Regularly discuss biblical, gospel-centered topics that cultivate spiritual disciplines and character formation among your disciples. Guide them to become students of Jesus, to study His teachings. Help them develop a deep understanding of His ways, leading to personal growth and a deeper relationship with God.

Build Relationships

Gather for moments that matter. Meet to encourage one another, enjoy meals together, celebrate milestones and more. Tassel keeps track of dates and helps set them up.

Engage Mature Disciples

Assign spiritually mature disciples to organize calls and schedule one-on-one meetings with new disciples to foster a sense of belonging.

Track Growth

Track spiritual growth and leadership development with our specialized assessments.

How we can encourage you.

We honor and recognize you in ways that cultivate humility, courage, and, above all, hope in God.

Honor and Respect

We recognize that God has entrusted you with leadership over the people you disciple. For this reason, we create opportunities to honor and display our respect for you and the role you play.

Recognition and Appreciation

We create opportunities to recognize your service and invaluable contributions to disciple-making and nurturing spiritual growth. We express gratitude for your dedication and commitment to this important commission.

How to join Tassel as Church or Ministry


Sign up for Tassel

Our team will reach out to learn about the needs and challenges of your organization or ministry and determine how we can help.

Send Invitation

Once we determine how to help, invite your leaders to join Tassel.

Transform How You Do Discipleship

Through Tassel, your leaders will nurture their disicples' spiritual growth and foster engagement within their groups. They will also be encouraged every step of the way.

How to join Tassel
as Group Leader


Tell Us About Yourself

Are you already leading a small group, making disciples outside of the church, or just doing life with others? Our team will reach out to learn about your discipleship needs.

Sign Up and Send Invitation

Once we determine your needs, you can sign up and start sending invites to your disciples.

Transform How You Do Discipleship

Use Tassel to move beyond friendliness to building deep bonds through curated moments and conversations that point back to living life as disciples of Jesus.

We wish to make Jesus known everywhere.

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